Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why a Surfer?

Have you seen surfers? Well, maybe not always their faces up close... but their bodies? Have you ever seen a fat one? I haven't. Surfers are always lean, muscular and clad in skin tight wetsuits. They walk-jog through the sand flexing calf muscles. Often their wetsuits are not on the top half and you get a good display of pecs, shoulders, shoulder blades, biceps. Yummmmm.

Then when they're out on their boards, riding the waves... the good ones could be born to do it. They just move effortlessly. Huge surf seems not to worry them. Sharks... bah! You can have ten guys line up for a wave and somehow someone gets it and it's not a free-for-all. And did I mention those bodies...

I often sit and watch them... I mean the surf... oh, okay, them. What would you do if one performed surf stunts for you? How would you reward him? A kiss? A bit more? Wouldn't you want to know what he felt like beneath the wetsuit...?

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