Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wildlife Wednesday - Little Things


You know I'm a crazy nature nut and I've been sharing all sorts of weird nature photos for years, but I think I've been looking at the smallest things to find the most joy this year. 

Yellow freesias image

I put together Pockets of Joy, a print book earlier in the year, and it brought me a great deal of satisfaction to do that...however, it's not enough.

I was wondering what else I could do. I realised I missed doing a regular magazine-type setup. I missed contributions from others, a schedule (ARGH! I can't believe I said that!), regularity, and accessibility. I mentioned it on Facebook, and my friend, Lori, gave me a title and a focus for it all in one comments. She said, "From Little Things Big Things Grow."

Isn't that true? Seeds become plants or trees. Babies mature, then often have babies themselves. As I thought more, I realised how often the littlest things brought me the biggest thrill. Catching a bug's portrait is one of the biggest fun I have with photos. The fact that they sit still and pose, amuses and amazes me. Capturing pollen grains, the shades of a petal, the light on an object, perspective, a gentle unfurling of the tiniest shoot, all these things make me smile, bring me joy, keep me looking at the little things.

Ha! There was my magazine. Little Things that make me happy. Sharing them with others. Showing others the tiny things around them, so these things could make them smile as well.

e-magazines can be accessible and easy to disseminate. So, that's what I've done. An e-mag that's available in an open Facebook group or you can ask to go on the mailing list and I'll email it to you each month.

It's free. So you can pass it around. You can share it with your mailing list. You can do whatever you'd like with it.

Mostly, I hope you'll enjoy the little things that you may overlook in the busyness of life!

a water droplet hangs on the end of a green gum leaf

a white feather lies on it's side

vertebrae of a fish lies as bare bones on the sand

a fly sits on a stem

sunlight in mangroves

two puppies sit at a fence looking gorgeously cute

a fly with green eyes sits on a yellow bin lid

a paper daisy

a white bird (egret) lifts into flight

the circular whirls of a Lebanese Cedar Tree cone

a tiny bug stares at you from a finger tip

a closed purple daisy in morning sunlight

yellow and orange lichen on a rock

a green fern leaf unfurls

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