Sunday, May 6, 2018

ARRA Award

Thank you ARRA, Booktopia and readers. Tomorrow I might find words (some added now).

I wasn't able to attend the ARRA Awards Night because the other me had agreed to speak at the Sydney Writers Festival Live And Local event at Wollongong. My local ARRA member had organised this for me and so I asked her to apologise on my behalf when we realised the clash.

And then my book was a finalist. The lovely Diane tried to change my speaking time, but it meant changing the whole program. I decided to stay with my commitment and miss the Awards Dinner. Then Diane asked me for a speech - in case I won. I laughed but wrote words because she was being good enough to humor me - and represent me.

Today I had to go and find what I'd asked her to say because I had no memory of what I'd written. So while my thoughts are still so jumbled, here are those words.

Cath would like to thank: 

ARRA for fabulous events like the Awards and for their huge support of authors.

Booktopia for sponsoring this award.

Kate Cuthbert for her incredible self, her support and encouragement.

The Escape Publishing/Harlequin/HarperCollins team.

My writing friends and family who are only ever an email away and always get me out of trouble!

My family, especially my hubby, who manages to cope with not only my writing but this Cate, who none of them are very comfortable knowing!

Diane who’s representing me tonight after organising for me to give a talk today at a South Coast Writing Centre event. She’s great at prodding me when I’d rather stay in my cave!

Thank you to everyone who read and/or voted for Team Player, or JA Low’s Sapphire, or Vi Keeland’s Egomaniac, or Penelope Ward’s Mack Daddy. Authors love our readers. 

Thank you!

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