Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday Soapbox - health

This year's been a shocking year for me, health-wise. In 2005, I was diagnosed with Ross River Fever and Glandular Fever, but the symptoms have never really gone and I get flare-ups each year around spring (when I was diagnosed with it - like an anniversary present). I've been managing my illnesses, and on a scale of 1-100, I thought I could quite comfortable sit at 70 or 80 (it's not stated at %, but I often think of it that way - it's easier).

Then last November I got sick with a cold/flu. My health on the scale dropped to maybe 40 or 50. So rather than being able to do what I normally could do, I was down to about half that and with no voice. So there'd be days in bed trying to get better. A few hours working, trying to keep the roof over my head (well, not THAT bad, but I do need to work). If I could, I'd try to slot in writing - because my head gets all messy if I can't get people out of it! Social media is for spare moments, and blogging only good days. My colds/flus usually last a few weeks, then I go on again at the high level of functioning.

But I haven't got better.

Or maybe I've had a good day or couple of days, before being knocked again. Back to bed, cold/flu worse, no voice. It's this ongoing battle.

And the Dr said... You have a virus - rest and drink plenty of fluids.

I'm not the most patient of people, so a year of this is killing me! Well, not killing, just frustrating the heck out of me.

About halfway through the year I realised there was a menopause component to this. My hormones were going haywire, so it was affecting my already compromised immune system, so I wasn't shaking the viruses like I usually could.

Then last month I began moderating a course for those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Fibromyalgia, ME, etc) which I do periodically, and I realised that I've been at 40 or 50 all year. Which should have been obvious, but somehow I overlooked it. This means I can do mentally stimulating work for 4-5 hours a day, rather than 7-8 hours at (70 or 80).

Suddenly not being able to have time to blog, write enough, do social media, etc began to make sense. My day job is 3-4 hours a day, so it's taking up most of my time. I discussed cutting back the day job but it's not a financially viable option at the moment. So that means, my first priority for those 4-5 hours, is day job. Then writing. Blogging, etc is going to drop off the list until I can find some good health and more hours.

I'm hoping if this is a menopause backlash, then when my body settles down, I might get back some hours. Fingers crossed.

Until then, I'm not going to be a very social person.

I'll miss my blogs here. I'll miss chatting to people. But hopefully I'll have some books still coming out semi-regularly. And if Cate Ellink doesn't have a new book, then my other self might have one, so you can try for the cleaner, rural read :)

Until next blog, take care and read lots!

Cate xoxo


  1. Hi Cate
    I've been a lousy visitor... I've been in edits that feel like they've gone forever. Then tonight I thought: I wonder what Cate has been up to - and here I am. As I read this, I'm sitting here having a hot flush. The whole menopause thing - I hear you sister. All sorts of weird shit, and I'm sure comes back to female/woman stuff that no one can explain, no one can really diagnose... feels like all we can do is wait these years out.
    Anyway great to visit. Sorry you're feeling so lousy though. I think it's time to try to take care of what you need and what is best for you.

    Hugs from me xx

    1. You're never a lousy visitor, Miss Lily! You're here and chatting and that makes you a fabulous visitor :)

      Good that your edits are done. I hope they weren't too painful. Can't wait for your Chalk series :)

      Menopause...I'm sure no one even hinted at how rough things could be! Lucky women are tough :)

      I've been selfishly looking after me for a while now and hopefully pulling myself up from virus-hell. More acupuncture this week, and I'll see how that goes.

      Hugs back to you,
      Cate xo