Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunday Story - Love is Love

Australia is having a same sex marriage discussion...and I can't see that it's going to be pleasant. People can be nasty beasts.

I have quite an odd view about this issue, well, it causes the people in my life to stare at me with some pained horror, so I'm assuming it's totally odd. I'm interested in what you think.

To me, marriage is an act of the patriarchy, used to pass women from the care of their father to the care of their husband...because women are unable to be a whole person in the patriarchy, they are seen as a possession, or a second rate citizen. And I think this is a large reason for the conservatives wanting to retain marriage as is, because any deviation puts a dent in the patriarchy.

I'd like to blow the patriarchy to smithereens. 

I'd love to not have marriage as a part of society at all. If people chose to have it as a part of their religion, then that's their choice. But as a society issue, I'd like marriage to be disbanded.

I'd like individuals to exist. And in that way, people would be allowed to make choices for themselves. And when they made a choice, they could lodge a 'relationship' with a government authority (or whatever that choice is). 

I'd love to see Love Is Love. And whatever relationship choice individuals make, then it is valid. Someone may choose to live solo. Valid choice. A partnership. Valid choice. A polygamy set up. Valid choice if all are in agreement. Threesome. Valid choice. Some other form of bonding. Valid choice.

Why does society need to dictate not only a heterosexual pairing, but any other form of relationship? Can't we be adults? Consenting adults, open to Love Is Love.

Okay, so am I too 'out there'?

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