Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kennedia rubicunda

I was wandering the streets the other day when I went to take a photo of a tree and this little flash of red caught my eye. I knew it was a plant from the pea family, but I wasn't sure what sort of a pea. So I took a heap of photos and came home and dug out the books. And it's a native, Kennedia rubicunda.

It was a little vine twining up a fence, with the flowers only about as long as your finger.

Peas (Fabaceae family) have quite distinct flowers. They have flashy big 'banners' that sit up the top and attract attention. Then the centre of the banners is where the wings and keel sit... or you know, if you're an erotic writer with a mind that runs to sex, it's like a big bottom and female genitalia - labia and a large clit. I know, sorry, you'll never see sweet peas the same again, will you? :)

Peas produces pods (like fresh pea vegetables you buy for shelling and eating) with seeds. So I'm hoping that I might be able to grab a few of these seeds and grow myself some beautiful flowers. Here's hoping no one else in the neighbourhood has the same idea!!!

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