Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday - Spittlebug

I have no idea about this bug but it has a funny story.

A couple of weeks back I'm sitting watching TV with hubby and I keep hearing a noise like flapping. He can't hear it. It's really bugging me but no matter where I went in the house, it was there. So I decided it was on me - or in me. So I stripped off and checked my clothes, checked my body, but no bugs. I was starting to think it was a bug in my ear and I'd have to be pouring olive oil down my ear or something to save my sanity. Anyway, when I re-dressed, I must have dislodged it a bit because then I started feeling something on my arm. The jumper comes off again. I start peering at the wool carefully all around my arm area. And there, attached to the threads is this weird looking bug.

It took me forever to free it from the wool fibres of my jumper but eventually I did. And thankfully, the flapping noise left with the bug.

But I've no idea what it is. It's tiny, maybe only 5mm in length (the black and grey is my woollen jumper).

Anyone got any ideas?

I'm going to try 'long nosed bug' in google and see how I go!

Well, I found things that are similar, and they're Spittlebugs. But I haven't found a lot of info about them, or even if they're in my area, but here's some info from Brisbane if you're interested. Oh, here's a bit more info (with a key) and they do occur here, so it's possible. At least the size and body shape is kind of right. And maybe it's the genus Philagra.

Spittlebugs are so called because many of the nymphs live in a 'ball' of froth (that looks like spittle) on vegetation, which they believe deters predators or prevents dehydration. The adults don't live in this froth. They are sap suckers, so are most often associated with vegetation.

You know, until I began doing this segment, I really had no idea how many fascinating critters were right in my backyard. I mean, I knew there were a lot, but these kind of bugs leave me astounded! I never even knew they existed, much less lived right here.

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