Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Story - Control

I have a short story, Control, coming out in The Big Book of Submission and on Tumblr they had a promo with excerpts.

The Big Book of Submission has 69 stories, less than 1200 words long, with the theme of submission, obviously! I'm always intrigued as to how one theme can generate so many different responses, so these anthologies Rachel Kramer Bussel puts together always intrigue me.

If you're interested in the 69 excerpts, you can find them here.

I also found it interesting to see which part of my story they'd chose to showcase, and this is the excerpt they chose -

“Control” by Cate Ellink

The leather against my hips and stomach is cool. The burn in the back of my legs increases as I lower my head. A cascade of hair smothers the wooden boards. Heavy breasts strain as I swing forward, dropping toward my lowered head, stretching the flesh across my ribs. My nipples squeeze. Blood rushes to my brain in a pounding rush. When I first tried this, I orgasmed from the rush of blood, but I’ve learned control. I wonder if Dashiell remembers.

His cane was so quick back then. I earned it often. An orgasm followed by the cane equaled a double coming. Punishment and reward.

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