Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movember Challenge

Rhyll Biest has set me a challenge - well, two - for the month, because you know, there's nothing else keeping me busy! :)

Challenge 1: I have 50 postcards to celebrate the release of my Hot Down Under story and I have to drop these in strange and dangerous locations (okay, letterboxes count, fictional escapades also count). Luckily for me, mine have not yet arrived!

Challenge 2: It's Movember. You know, when men grow moustaches for the month to raise money for prostate cancer research and raise awareness to men's health issues. So, Rhyll had this super idea that we write Mo-Ro, that is Moustache Romance, as flash fiction to encourage donations to the Movember challenge.

So, if you're into some Mo-Ro, drop by the blog. My plan is to write a moustachioed kiss every day. Day 1 is up there, and it's just fuzz :)

Mo-Ro blog

and if you want to find out more about Movember, all the information is here

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