Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Launch Week - Political Correctness

Sometimes I worry about the "political correctness" of writing erotica/erotic romance. Although, I'm Sagittarian, so foot-in-mouth disease is a usual state for me, so I don't know why I worry.

I don't see this as anti-feminism, or women reclaiming anything. I don't see this as rebelling. I see this as a form of writing. A valid way of expressing myself. A interesting perspective on humans and relationships. A way of understanding the world. Or maybe that's a little too high-faluting!

People often ask about my sex life, because I write erotic stories. I wonder if they ask crime writers about their criminal life? Why is there a difference?

Feedback on erotic writing can be terribly personal. Sometimes it's not the writing/story that's judged but the "turn on" value. I don't write to turn anyone on. I write the story because it's interesting to me and these characters want their story told. The fact that there's a lot of sex is as much the fault of the characters themselves as it is me - they drive my writing (and if you don't write, I know that sounds bonkers!).

Erotic stories aren't politically correct... and neither are Sagittarians. I have to keep remembering that - especially in those difficult moments.

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