Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Tale

My Muse suggested I write a story, in parts, each week on my blog. What a super idea! So, Tuesday will be Tale day.

It's an interactive story, so public comment decides where it goes next (majority rules).

It won't be super polished and brilliant - but a raw story. Every Monday night I'll tally the comments and write the next part of the story, which will be posted in Tuesday. Hope you enjoy!

Here's Tuesday Tale 1, Part 1:

The first woman stood before me, left foot in front of her body, hip jutting forwards, shoulders thrown back making her full breasts stand proudly. Her nipples were tight and pink, crowning pale cream flesh dusted with glitter. Auburn curls fell to her waist but they were held back from her face with a wide blue band, as blue as her eyes. Lean strong legs erupted from bright blue stilettos joining at her hips with flesh like alabaster. Naked, alabaster. Labia were drawn long by the golden ring piercing her flesh, fine chains running to her slim ankle cuffs. She was magnificent.

A bell rang and she prowled from the room. Leonine. The only word that comes close to describing her majesty, beauty and poise.

I didn’t need to see any other girls but the next walked in before I could leave. She rooted me to the spot. Petite, pale, pixie. Her hair was short and blonde, so short it must have been shorn recently. Her eyes were pale, grey or blue, I wasn’t sure as her eyes were downcast once she’d walked in and turned to face the viewing window. Her body was naked, palest pink. Her oiled body had been shaved recently too. Her mons glistened in the harsh fluorescent lights. As the other girl was fiery and alive, this girl was a mouse, a submissive. I would bet my life she wants to be huddled in the corner not on display. With her head lowered, I couldn’t see the delightful blush on her cheeks but I knew it was there, her neck was awash with colour. How wonderful would her flesh look after the lick of a lash?

The bell rang and mouse scurried for darkness.

What a choice - a mouse or a lion?

I’d come to the slave market to buy my wife a toy, her reward for pleasing me. An extravagant birthday gift, I know, but one I could afford to bestow. Buying two gifts was unacceptable. Should I buy the lion, for my pleasure so we could both dominate my wife? Of course, my wife would enjoy every moment of being slave to two.

But would she enjoy the mouse more? Would she enjoy having a slave of her own? I could see her instructing her slave girl to pleasure her, or to please me. I could imagine them both working together at my command.

A mouse or a lion… how to decide?

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