Friday, June 8, 2012

Hope this story is true...

My Dad gave the little book of stories (Gotta Have It: 69 stories of sudden sex) that I’m published in to one of his mates months ago at a “do”. Dad wouldn’t tell him which story was mine and told him he had to guess. Yesterday he went to the next "do", and his mate returned the book in a brown paper bag!!! He told Dad he and his girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed it but he had no idea which story I could have possibly written (when he last saw me, I would have been... hmmm... maybe 15). However, they had a favourite, one about a surfer. Dad looks at him and says, “Gee, I think Cate’s was about a surfer.” Dad fumbles through the book to find me (he thinks my name is Eltink or Ellitink or something) and they stumble across me. Much to the mate’s embarrassment and Dad’s pride, it’s the same story - Pain Surfer.

I'm on cloud 9. I just hope Dad hasn't invented his tale!

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